Toilet problems aren’t just confined to toddlers

Time to touch on a delicate subject.

My son is nearly 5 now, yet over the last year or so he has been wetting himself, despite knowing how to go to the toilet. In fact he has carried on going by himself in between his daily “accidents”. Having got used to the dread every afternoon, of his maitress at school announcing that he has wet himself at school yet again, he has now taken to saying nothing when in school and spending the day wet through. Until we find out.

There do not seem to be any obvious problems at school, nor is there anything medically wrong with his waterworks. The only thing we can think of is that he is unconciously jealous of his younger sister. Even if they get on OK most of the time. Could also be the fact that both myself and his papy are going serious health problems, which might be playing on his mind. We don’t know yet for the moment. Something is certainly wrong in his little head…

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  1. We had similar issues with our oldest at 4, only #2, not #1, and I did suspect a bit of jealousy of her little sis. I set up reward systems, which helped, and tried to keep it positive (because negative attention was worse), but I think she just had to outgrow it. Wishing you luck figuring it out.

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