Nearly holiday season and a few other truths…

YAY! It’s Friday! Well it soon comes around doesn’t it?

So I’m sitting here at the PC, waiting for Thumpah to come home. Rémy *was* playing on his VTEC console (Toy Story, I think), but is now zonked out on the sofa. So we’ll have fun getting him to the table for his evening meal later. He can be a bit, well… ratty… when you wake him up for food.

Emma is in a “don’t know what to do with myself so lets annoy Daddy” mood. As I type I’m trying to keep her busy on the sofa next to me in the office… and failing… I aint perfect. She keeps calling for her Maman, so obviously I’m not the flavour of the month at the moment. Just wait until she can talk…

All I’m concerned about for now is her running off to go and wake her brother up.

So… Whats up with this Friday? Nothing really, apart from next week we’ll be together as a family. Thumpah is at home for a whole week. Unfortunately we’re not going away, which is both a good and bad thing… Good in that it gives us time to do a few things around the house, bad in that I have to going into hospital next week. W-e-e-l-l-l, not bad… as such, but you probably know what I mean, if you’ve read things elsewhere in my blog. How many people get to go into Paris for an outpatients appointment?
I had better not go on about that too much though, as I now realise that people (even some friends… hint… hint…) don’t really want to hear about serious health problems and dying and all that… even if this particular was a scary period for me… Er…hum…meep… Well if certain people don’t care enough to come out of being totally selfish… well, life is too short innit? 🙂

So… onto more important matters… (tongue in cheek) muggins here has buggered up my parents in law’s petrol mower, easy to do, as I’m not very mechanically minded, I’m getting old, forgetful and am distracted by little people. In otherwords… I make f*****g big mistakes… sometimes… So one of the tasks next week (if I’ll accept it), is to drain it of mistakenly added 2 stroke oil and replace it with 4 stroke. Then get covered in oil, as my brother in law thinks a “joint est cassée”. Well he knows about everything and I not, so no doubt he is right.
The upshot being that a couple of days ago I used an electric strimmer to “mow” our lawns and grassy bits, well, two thirds of them, before I ran out of strimmer wire… expensive way to do it really… bit like trying to clean a loo with a toothbrush… not that I’ve tried to do that, you understand?

But what I am really pleased about is finally gutting our basement and sorting through untold family bits and pieces, including some of my own stuff, so we can finally use the rooms down there for our kids. In the decade and a half I have lived in this house, we have only ever used ONE room down there – which is where the washing machine is. The rest, a kitchen (with just a sink in the corner), a bedroom and a large main room have been more or less abandoned. But the whole area almost as large as the house above ground, so we’ve been daft NOT to use the basement all these years.

For now, the kitchen has been used to store out-going items, clothes for the recycling banks in the village, books (10 boxes!) … junk and furniture to go elsewhere in the house. The bedroom contained surplus furniture and my father in laws stuff that had all been long forgotten. For the large main room, we’ve displaced furniture to make a TV corner, small classroom (for me to teach the kids English) and an area for Rémy and Emma to play in. Maybe one day we’ll even get a “babyfoot”? In the corner of the classroom bit I’ve managed to get my old 10 year old PC working – which is useful for now… more about that anon…
The main task has been trying to decide what we need to throw out and as the things aren’t mine (and that I was doing most of the sorting out) I was a bit scared of throwing out something that needed to be kept, but at the same time as I’m not emotionally attached to the items I’m throwing out I’m not going to keep something for the sake of keeping it! Which I can be very good at with my own stuff – which isn’t a good thing to be honest, although I’m a lot better at binning stuff now than before I moved to France.

Meanwhile at the other end of the large room, Thumpah sorted through about 20 boxes and bags of baby/toddler/4 year old clothes… now that was really a lot of work for her. We now have clothes 18 months old and backwards that are surplus and will eventually be given away… so if you need any clothes for boys or girls and are local to the Essonne, then perhaps we can help.

We’re pleased to get the bedroom sorted, as that room is the only one in the basement to have a window. Very soon we’re having all the windows in the house replaced – so it helps that the poor bloke doing the work won’t have to do an obstacle course over furniture and other stuff to fit the one in the basement.

So lots of work to do next week, we might even buy a new petrol mower if I can’t get the one I broke going. With all this rain over the last month or so, the grass hasn’t been the only thing thing in our garden grow and fortunately to unfortunately we have an awful lot of hedges that have just got a whole lot BIGGER!

Aside from the windows, our friend Claude will be here soon to build yet another wall… we should call it the “saga of the walls”, as since the house next door was built back in 2007 that has how it has been… This is the 3rd one to go up.

Going back to the subject of holidays… we don’t know where we are going this year. Granted, next week we are tied to staying in the Paris region. But in July Thumpah will have 3 weeks annual leave… Do we go to the UK or not…? That is the question…?

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