Papa or Daddy? France or England?

As it is Monday lunchtime I have both of my kids with me, which mean’t a trip to school to go and get Rémy with Emma. Walking out of the school I told him that tonight there is a football match on the TV – France vs. England.

So I asked him which side he wanted to win… Yes… gou’m goddit… les coqs… So I ended up having an argument with a 5 year old… well a light-hearted wind-up by insisting England is going to win. In the end he said to me “England… dans la poubelle”… (England… in the dustbin) He’s passionate this little guy!

In the street we bumped into Marco, a friend of the family and I suppose too… the family plumber. He told me that “it is just a football match” when I told him England was going to win. What if France wins then? As is always the case… I’ll support England until they lose, then if France is still in the competition, I’ll come out and support France.

I have to… or Thumpah will kill me… OK I lied about the being killed part.
Anyway as I told Marco as I left him… “c’est pour s’amuser”… It’s to have fun…

Over lunch Rémy started to tell me that he was working on a card for Fathers Day, next Sunday. Bang goes the surprise there then… Then to my dismay he told me he had to write “Papa” on the card. When he asked to put “Daddy” on his card his maîtress and assistante maternelle both insisted he put Papa and that he wasn’t allowed to write Daddy on the card. So I said to him that he could write Daddy on it when he brings it home.

But even so… I thought it a bit heavy handed to say “he wasn’t allowed” – I wonder if any other anglophone parents out there in France have come across this?

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