Rainy Saturday in June… just before la fête des pères

Just ordered a bunch of photos from foto.com of the kids and us for my Mum & Thumpah’s Maman. Plus some copies of old photos of me (as a child), my parents and my Grandparents for both Rémy & Emma. It is the best way of being able to explain who is who to them in my family. Rémy keeps confusing Grandma & Great Grandma, so something needed to be done.
Thumpah has made two trips out today, with my blood test sandwiched in between. So I’m “baby sitting” while she is out on the second trip as both are napping. Lovely and quiet. But for how long?

Bit of confusion today for the blood test. We arrived not long before the lab closed, then I realised that my prescription from the hospital was for more than the usual test. All I wanted to do was check my level was fine and didn’t realise that a whole bunch of other stuff had been added. Which pleased the people at the lab no end… Still, at least they’ll see me once a month now instead of every 2 weeks…

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