Hérault 205

This was taken on our last visit to my MIL’s hometown of Saint Pons de Thomères in the Montagnes Noires. It is between Castres and Béziers in the Hérault region down in the south west of France. Not that far from the Spanish border.

Being in the mountains, all the roads in the town are quite steep and very narrow. The town centre is down in a valley, so all roads seem to go downhill towards it. My MIL, when she lived there, used to say “I’m going down town to do some shopping”. She wasn’t far wrong there! The problem came afterwards, walking back up the steep streets laden with her bags of groceries!

This photo is another Shutterstock reject… Can’t remember the reason, perhaps I should’ve got rid of the Peugeot badge! They don’t like that sort of thing! LOL

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