More than 70 years apart…

Obviously I can’t lay claim to the black and white part of this photo, but thanks to Photoshop, I have been able to superimpose the image on a photo I took at the exact place today.

The photo was taken at the bottom of Netherley Road, Hinckley in Leicestershire. My parents and my Grandma moved here at the end of the 60’s, I came along in 1970 and sadly my Grandma passed away when I was only 18 months old.

I lived on this street until I was 8 years old, when we moved to Leicester. Was such a happy place to grow up in, with a real community spirit. It seems strange to see two GI’s sat on the bonnet of a Willys Jeep – parked outside where the local Co-Op was in the 70’s…

The extra photo is another before and after, on the left is my Dad’s Ford Cortina Mk1 parked outside our old house. On the right, the same place, with the house next door taken 40 years later in 2016.

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