2016: Nelson Holyland & Hart Reunion

Our first year going to Theddingworth for our yearly UK visit. This was the first trip back “home” after my Mum passed away at the end of January 2014.

I decided that it would be nice to organise a Leicestershire family reunion, especially as, as a family we’ve not been in contact much since I moved to France. My two children had barely seen any one my family and know relatively little about them.

Since about 2010 I had been in contact with two of my cousins, so we decided to meet up at the place we rented in Theddingworth. The first of a few reunions, until in 2019, for some reason they didn’t want to do it anymore. In 2020 (as I write this) we had to cancel our booking for the same place in April. No reunion had been planned.

So some happy memories, sadly cut short for one reason or another…

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