April 2019 – On the Buses

Some nice memories, when we saw some bus related people on our last visit to the UK. Friends and ex colleagues from Midland Fox, most of whom I met at the Leicester Bus & Rail Extravaganza, held at Quorn station on the Great Central Railway between Leicester and Loughborough.

Each year the Leicester Transport Heritage Trust holds a bus event there in partnership with the Great Central Railway, with free bus rides between Quorn and Loughbough railway stations (British Rail and the GCR one).
The colleagues I met there, I hadn’t seen since 1996, when I last had dealings with the bus company I had left the previous year. My friend Richard from Sheffield, I hadn’t seen for at least 20 years. Strangely for all of them, it was like we had last seen each other last week!

Away from the event, my friend Adam drove down from Wakefield to visit us, which was really nice of him. We took the Park & Ride together into Leicester, as he had never visited my home city. For the 5 of us £3 return. A bargain.

Let’s hope we’ll be able to visit the UK sooner rather than later, which reminds me… I need to push our Euro Tunnel crossing dates back again, from our postponed UK trip back in April…

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