Old Citroën lorry

Nice and sunny today – brilliant clear blue skies and thankfully not as hot as this time last week.

Today I’ve taken a photo of an old Citroën lorry, which has sat abandoned for as long as I’ve known our French village, to the rear of our house. So 23 years then.

When I moved here, there were a few market garden businesses in the village. Two of them were behind our place and now one is left – where this lorry is parked. The rest gave up the ghost and sold land for property development. As a result to the left of this photo we now have a housing estate. Where before there were greenhouses and a barn.

I often wonder what will become of this truck. Probably beyond saving. Unfortunately this is the only angle where I can get a decent photo of it. If I go into the lane between the truck and our garden wall, you can’t see it!

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