A contrast in locomotion…

We’re back home finally, arriving yesterday evening.

On our short trip from the Aube, OH thought it would be a good idea to stop off the the Château of Vaux le Vicomte about 40 minutes from home.

Of course entry was pretty expensive. The car park was very muddy which caused a bit of a traffic jam. We were directed into the over-flow car park and was one of the first ones in there – but the ground was already churned up. The entrance/exit was very narrow – with a tight turn into it. When we had walked the 5 mins to the entrance of the château, we found we couldn’t take Dolly in (we had only planned on going into the gardens). So I had to pick her up and take her back through the mud to the car. Then on the way back nearly got totalled by an incoming Range Rover rushing to get around the tight corner into the over-flow car park. Perhaps because he was driving a large 4 x 4 he thought that pedestrians would get out of the way if he just forced his way in?

So as I said it was a bit pricey… as was a snack we bought for lunch (about twice the price of a sandwich in a boulangerie). The admission price was for the gardens AND château. So you couldn’t pay a reduced price just to walk in the gardens (which we’ve seen at other French châteaux – such as at Fontainebleau).

The snack was nice in that setting… apart from the open wooden fires they set up to try and keep people warm next to the tables. Was more smoke in your eyes than feeling any warmth. The odd peacock wandered over looking for food.
A family sat at a table opposite and started to get their picnic out. Someone from the snack hut was quickly over there to kindly tell them to move on… They hadn’t bought anything. Ker-ching…

As we wandered back towards the château itself, after a long walk to the furthest end of the gardens, I caught this view of an incoming horse and cart giving tours around the domain, being passed by a groundsman in his electric powered pick up.

Normally I would’ve prefered to have got a pic of the horse and cart on it’s own… but I quite liked the contrast.

The driver of the cart makes me think of [i]Trigger[/i] out of [i]Only Fools & Horses[/i]… :O)

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