No glasses today…

A Saturday afternoon isn’t the best time to choose for a shopping trip, that takes in two out of town shopping centres in the Paris suburbs, but I suppose we like to torture ourselves occasionally.

It started out with me getting new glasses. My recent eye test told us that my vision had deteriorated quite a bit over the last 4 years since the last one. So the reading glasses will be thrown aside now, as I’ll need to wear glasses permanently.

So our trip started with the opticians, but then I realised that I needed to get some bits for Mega Breadvan (it is due a service soon), then that turned into getting things for our son. Both of our kids will be off to ski camp in the alps soon… on their own… a treat from us and their Papy. It is the first time they’ve gone skiing (which is notoriously expensive).

We also had to take the earphones back our son had for Christmas… as they’ve never worked. Being bluetooth – the instuctions are not straightforward. We’d only ever got one or the other to pair with his phone, but not both at the same time (I was ready to throw them at the wall!)
While we were waiting for the shop assistant to test them (she was having as much trouble as we had trying to work out how they were supposed to connect) her attention was distracted by a bloke outside.
We turned to see this man trying to man-handle a massive TV into a people carrier. He had taken it out of its box, cardboard, polystyrene and plastic bags were all over the place.
He drove off with the TV sitting precariously in the back, leaving the packaging in a pile in front of the shop in the car park. Apparently someone elses problem?

So the pic is of us queuing in the car to get into the second shopping centre we visited (shopping centre meaning at this one, you need to use your car to travel from shop to shop), at La Croix Blanche, Sainte Geneviève des Bois.

Never got my glasses in the end. After giving our prescription to someone and getting as far as choosing my frames. We suddenly found there were no shop assistants available – as an avalanche of people arrived.
Then after 15 mins a woman shop assistant said she’d come and deal with us in 20 mins. So we asked if they were open late during the week. Apparently open till 8pm in the week, so we’ve decided to go on Wednesday evening instead. What a palava!

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