Putting Mega Breadvan’s “face” back on…

Since before the Spring lockdown, Mega Breadvan has been minus the front dash panel. Yesterday, me and my son set about putting it back on – just to weatherproof things.
Normally this panel is GLUED onto the side panels. Using what looks like a rubber based black tar. I’ve decided to bolt it back on, using bodywork bolts and spring-loaded nuts. I worked out I’d need 3 bolts on each side.
This photo shows the panel being clamped into place, prior to drilling the holes for the bolts.
It is much better now, as if I need to get full access to the engine compartment, I just need to unbolt it. Previously you had to pull it a apart, risking damaging the panel. Then  re-glue it, which is a very messy business.

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