Dolly & curfew

Poor Dolly has been a bit under the weather recently… she has an ear infection, for which she is under treatment. OH has been using a special product from the vets to clean her ears… Which scares Dolly a lot each time it has to be administered.
As I’m here during the day, I make sure she gets a dose of medication for the infection, in her food.
She is getting better and spent about 15 minutes relaxed and lying on me this morning. Not in her nature to be stressed out lately, odd for a usually happy-go-lucky-easy-going doggie.
A couple of days ago, we noticed that she was also limping. Her front right paw appears to be sensitive. The vet said that it is due to the fact her leg has always been slightly twisted inwards and the fact she is still at an age where she is growing slightly.

The latest news here in France is that further COVID measures will be imposed by region. In our case, although we are not in Paris, we are in the Paris region… we’re all lumped together despite the fact that we are semi rural here. In the main, all large cities will have the same measures. So there is no 3 tier plan as per the UK. Just one.

So from this Saturday,  as per the UK we’ll have the rule of 6 in our local area. The major change will be a curfew from 9pm until 6am. A special form will have to be filled out by those who work in those hours, or have good reason to be out during the curfew (much like the system we had during lockdown here during the Spring).
Unlike the UK, restaurtants etc will stay open… but will obviously have to close before 9pm. I just feel we have more “freedom” here compared to the UK. We’ve definately had a lot more in comparison up to this point.

It probably won’t affect us that much, as we are all usually home before 9pm… and we rarely go out in the evening as of late. My last lesson in the evening is at 8pm. So provided my student can get home before 9pm I don’t see too many problems ahead. I think the main snag will be if I end up with the situation where students won’t be allowed to come into our house due to mixing rules.

As it is, I have imposed PPE on them and I clean all the areas touched by or that affect students before the lessons and between and after as well. For example… Today is Thursday (my day off). I had two lessons last night. I cleaned the room where I give my classes after the second student had left. I had finished by 8.30pm. As a family we don’t use that room much lately.
I won’t have any students coming in now until 9.45am on Saturday. So I’ll bleach clean the floor Friday evening, seal off the room… mainly to stop Dolly going in. But also to remind the kids not to go in. Saturday morning I’m usually up around 5.30am… to clean everything, set up the PPE (visors and an electric hand gel dispenser). Sort out my lessons and have all the files needed ready and open on my classroom PC… which is plugged into an old flatscreen TV.

Can’t do more really… But if I end up in the same situation as back in the Spring, I might have to seriously consider if my business will continue to be viable.
By September, I was down to the wire… luckily for me, I have gathered quite a number of students and am currently almost back to the same numbers as this time last year. Sadly the outgoings, compared to pre COVID, have DOUBLED each month… I have to budget for cleaning materials now…

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