Mega Breadvan has it’s new roo bar fitted

Yesterday my BIL came round so we could finally fit the roo bar I received in August, to the van. It meant having to take the front wheels off, then detaching the wishbones so it could be fitted.

Some welding was involved as well, as we broke one of the brackets.

My BIL took this photo once we had finished. Really pleased with the result and grateful for his help.

Am putting a video together about it for Youtube.

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    1. Cheers m8.
      It was problematic getting one, as it seems a lot of places stopped stocking them. The main place I use, ProVSP, then couldn’t get one due to the 1st lockdown last year. So had to wait about 6 months before finally getting my hands on one.
      My BIL did a brilliant job fitting it, once he had repaired one of the brackets.

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