Mega Breadvan rust treatment…

For a mainly plastic and fibreglass van, there is a degree of metal on it. The chassis and “cage” inside the cab mainly. Either side of the van and at the back are some quite substantial metal protection bars. Not really sure they offer much in the way of “protection”.

Anyway they had started to rust when I bought the van in June 2018 and now they’ve just got worse. They are still repairable, luckily, as buying new ones would be expensive… Probably around the 400 euros mark.

So having looked on Youtube and spoke to my BIL, I decided to buy a can of spray on rust treatment and a can of spray on copper primer. Yesterday I treated the rust on the nearside bar (by far the worst affected) and the one at the back.

By the time I had finished at 5.30pm, light was fading and I could feel rain was coming… in fact it was predicted mid evening. I was a bit frantic after having scraped some of the rust away with a wire brush and a similar attachment for my drill. Spraying on the product made me realise that it probably wasn’t very good for my lungs… My DIY protection masks had  been used during the last lockdown and I fear that the COVID mask I used yesterday didn’t offer much in the way of protection. So I sprayed it on bit by bit and stepped away to get some fresh air!

So the tarp is there as an attempt to keep the treated areas dry. This morning it is wet out, but not raining, just windy. Set to be the same tomorrow… So will do the last remaining bar on Tuesday (I hope). Then I will have to apply the primer. Anything to stop the rust in its tracks.

After that I have to treat more rust in the engine bay…

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