First walk since the beginning of August

I have been very bad in recent months, in that I’ve not been very active. As a result I can feel my health has been badly affected. I haven’t been for a walk since our holiday back in August and even then I only went out for one around 4 times in the 3 weeks we were away.

OH’s brother and his wife came round for a visit yesterday. They live on the outskirts of the village, but we don’t see each other often… perhaps every couple of months or so. In the Paris area people have busy lives so it is the norm really.

They came to visit FIL, who lives in front of our place, so thought they’d come and see us for once. Suggesting we go out for a walk. We are still in lockdown, so are limited to walking just 1 km from home and for no more than an hour. For the first time I filled out the COVID form on my phone and generated the QR code required.
We went off to the wetland conservation area behind our village “les marais” in French – about a 10-15 minute walk away.

By the time we were halfway along the path, it was already getting dark. So OH took this photo, then we made our way back through the woods using the torches on our phones. To get over to “Les Marais” we have to use a foot level crossing over the local railway line into Paris. My daughter found that a bit scary. Despite it being a Sunday and being in lockdown, we saw one train in each direction while we were out.

Was a nice walk, but this morning (we went for the walk yesterday evening) I’m suffering a bit. My back and right ankle mainly, my right leg was weakened by the two bouts of thrombosis I had.

In the end we were out for 10 minutes more than the hour limit and did a 3km round trip.

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