1st Saturday English lessons in the 2nd lockdown

Bit of a stuttering start this morning. This, my first week doing Skype lessons since the Spring lockdown

First student at 8.30am hadn’t added me to Skype, following my message last Tuesday. They didn’t reply. I sent a reminder yesterday, no reply to that either.
So I had them eventually… 10 minutes late…
I had a few things to say, but was OK in the end…

My next one’s English wasn’t too bad so I could relax a bit.

It is now 11.20am… so a big gap until my next lesson at 12.15pm.

Then a late lunch followed by dishing out homework. Have now created a document storage for my students at my site. Which means they can download documents whenever they want.

All in all I’ve lost half of my students due to this current lockdown…

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