Video grab : Morning school run dash

This morning OH had to take our car to the garage for a airbag warning light problem. We’ve had that for quite a while, but it is considered an MOT failure here. So needs to be sorted out. Unfortuately only a Renault garage can deal with it… so we’re expecting to get a big bill.

My son went with OH to college as he starts very early in the morning. So as my daughter had a lot to carry to school, I pressed Mega Breadvan into school run mode. Something it hasn’t done since mid 2019. I did do one run in September last year – but since then, my daughter has walked to and from school at lunchtime and hometime.
It isn’t very far from home, but it saved her having to carry all her stuff there on a chilly morning.

I got her to take a video of the trip, which might end up on my Youtube Vlog (or might not). Here is a screen grab from that footage. Obviously the quality isnt the best.

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