Foggy times…

This post isn’t entirely about Mega Breadvan, although this foggy scene rather matches my mood this morning. On Saturday I sprayed the rust converter onto the wheels. Ready for a primer coat. Which I’ve not got around to doing as of yet. I was working yesterday. OH told me the wheels looked like new (well they do in the photo because they are damp). So she asked… Why was I repainting them? (silent scream).

Our neighbour on the right hand side, has decided to cut the top of our hedge. He has a barn which he built some years ago, which encroaches into the middle of the hedge. So was round last night (I was giving a lesson on Skype so OH spoke to him) to suggested that he come round later in the week to cut the hedge behind the barn. Apparently ivy was growing into the roof and so he wasn’t very happy.
So that means I’ll have to move Mega Breadvan and as this is probably the last week of fine weather before Winter really kicks in (hence the neighbour wanting to sort out the hedge – he didn’t ask beforehand), I’ll hopefully be able to carry on with the work on my van with it parked in FIL’s drive sometime this week.

As I write I am in the process of replying to the parent of a 17 year old student who has been quite unpleasant. This after their daughter, who is completely disorganised messed me about a few times. Apparently I’ve succeeded in depressing her and it is all my fault… Because I objected to the fact that she wasn’t making enough of an effort to say just a *few* sentences in English… As she wants to be a Doctor one day, I thought we’d talk about the forthcoming vaccine. Later in the day her father sent me a message roasting me because he had forbidden his daughters from watching the news. How I was I supposed to know that? Now she is depressed, because I happened to mention a subject related to COVID… What???

As far as I can see, the daughter is simply spoilt rotten and way too protected from the realities of life. I used to have her elder sister as a student as well and she was the same. I predict that one day, when they face real life, the sh*t will hit the fan…

I hope they’ll find a teacher who’ll put up with their communication problems…

Last bit of news… From the 1st January 2021 I have decided to stop giving lessons and plan to restart at the end of August 2021 ready for the rentrĂ©e (back to school). In recent months I’ve been neglecting lots of personal things and projects. Added to which this year has been a hard knock both on my lessons and on my health. My decision isn’t going to be popular and I’ll lose all my students.
Between now and then I also need to apply for a visa, so I can stay in France (thanks BREXIT) and then put things into place so that when I come back to give lessons, I can be classed as a “micro entreprise” – rather than working on the lump.

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