Pop pop pop pop pop…

Today we swapped our old Freebox router/TV set top box for a new Freebox Pop. So hunting round for cables and making sure we had everything that was needed to go back with the old set up was fun this morning.

Found the original boxes, so put everything back together so OH could take it all to the collection point, to then pick up the new set up.
I had left the cardboard box open so they could check nothing was missing. Wrong!!!

OH got there and the shop assistant told her the box needed to be sealed. “Have you got some sellotape I can borrow?”. Reply: “Oh no Madame we can’t do that”. So OH had to drive the 2 miles back home… tape up the box, then take it back. I was very sorry as it had been my idea to leave it open.

So this afternoon I’ve been setting everything up, including the wifi. The whole thing now works with Android so a bit confusing. Before the interface on the old box came with everything you needed. Now it is all app based, so you have to hunt around to play music etc. The remote control has fewer buttons so it is a tad confusing.

Oh and my surround sound system is showing fewer functions than with the old Freebox… so something isn’t quite right. Only 4 of the 6 speakers I have are working. As with all new techie things there is going to be some faffing about before it all works properly.

At least our internet speed is slightly better… gone from 0.46Mbs to 1.2Mbs… still on ADSL. We’ve decided to sort out a fibre line from here to the telegraph pole outside, next year. It’ll no doubt mean disruption to our living room as the current phone line is behind wallpaper in the corner of the room.

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