Menacing Christmas?

Just had lunch with my daughter, home made bolognaise and out of a packet “ginocchi à poêler”… took a look out and ran for my DSLR. Hadn’t used it since August, so thought I’d see if I could capture this menacing sky as viewed from our living room… and do it justice…

Plans for Christmas are afoot… We don’t really know exactly what we are doing. As usual I’m not really keen on getting together with the in-laws, mainly because I don’t see them very often. So usually don’t know what to say. The language barrier plays a part and perhaps it is a cultural thing too. OK, I can speak French… I get by… I have to, as I teach English to French people (although not for much longer). But this isn’t quite the same as sitting at a table with over 10 people all speaking at once in a language they are at ease with and who you don’t see very often.
Plus… we don’t know if the rule of 6 will be in place over Christmas – the figures are so far pointing to staying in lockdown from the 15th December.

As it is, one of my SIL’s rang to say we could come for dessert on Christmas Day. They were planning on having around 8-10 people for a meal at midday. A bit of a departure, as in France the main meal is usually on Christmas Eve.
Perhaps I’m a pain, but I don’t see why we need to disrupt our own Christmas meal to hot foot it to theirs for dessert.

Normally we do an English Christmas dinner on Boxing Day, because we have the French one first. Maybe I’m wrong, but I always feel like I have to back down and let the French side take priority… and then I have to fight or grumble to get my way. Perhaps I should just stamp my foot like spoilt child?

In the background of course, we obviously can’t come over to the UK for Christmas… It is about 10 years or so since we’ve spent the festive period on the other side of the Channel. For one reason or another we’ve not been able to do it.

I get homesick at Christmas… that is annoying… No idea why…

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