First walk in a month. Emma & Dolly came too…

Today is Wednesday, so no school for Emma and Rémy will be home from college at lunchtime.
I really have seriously struggled with finding the motivation to actually go out. Even for a simple walk. Living in a village and not in a town perhaps reduces your reasons to go out anywhere, but I think for me, depression and my physical state is playing a part.
The daft thing is that, going for a walk will in time improve the physical health side of things and no doubt the depression as well.

But you just end up stuck in a hole, as another day goes by.

It is going to be important for me to get into a routine, as into 2021 I’ll only be giving one lesson a week. The idea is to get things done around the house which have been neglected, as well as making a long term plan for the lessons.

Yesterday I made a start by setting up everything on my webserver as a cloud using NextCloud. To do away with snooping Google and other such apps. At the moment I have my images backing up to it, my email on it as well as my calendar. From the latter I’ll create a booking form on my site, instead of using Hubspot. Everything will be in-house and all in one place. I might even find a replacement for Evernote as well, to run on the server.

I suppose Google Photos making the free option limited from June 2021 was a catalyst. I already pay for an unlimited webspace, so don’t see why Google should “use” my content, if in the end, they’ll charge for things past a certain limit. 2021 is going to see a lot of this sort of thing I think.

Dolly didn’t want to go out for a walk, well Emma woke her up. But as soon as she realised that the lead and an open kitchen door meant “walkies”, she suddenly changed her mind. Yesterday she had a haircut, so the freezing fog might have put her off as well.

We decided to give Mega Breadvan a run to the edge of the village and the lane to the marais de l’Essonne – which reminded me that I really do need to do something about it’s  battery.
A few work men were resurfacing the gravel along the lane, it has always had massive potholes, so perhaps about time. Our walk was probably only about 30 mins or so, but I do feel a little better. Pain in my ankle, knee and hip in the leg where I had the thrombosis is worrying me. The little walk seems to have a least reduced that in my ankle.

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