More new houses coming soon to our village

In this panoramic photo taken this evening, you can see the top of our street to the right. On the left there used to be some offices, which had been abandoned some years ago. It used to be a company that manufactured rear doors for lorries .
The whole lot was levelled about a week ago, to make space for 15 new houses and two blocks of flats or 14 and 15 appartments each. A new road will also be created to link the top of our street with the new housing estate off the photo to the left.
So more changes in our village.

In the near 24 years I have lived here, I have come to realise that 5 streets of new houses have been created in that time. This will be the 6th new street The village was definately very different back when I arrived here.

Makes me feel a bit sad really, as we’re slowly starting to lose the sleepy village feel of the place. More and more outsiders are coming in, but then again, this place has always been a dormitory village for people working in the Paris region. People do come and go quite a lot.

In our street, when I arrived, there were a few empty spaces where houses have since been built – a new house is taking shape facing ours at the moment… but most of the houses in our road were built in the 1970’s.

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