Some family together…

We finally ended up celebrating a bit of Christmas with my in-laws. Here we’re with the elder of my two brothers in law, at the table with his wife and their daughter. The other brother in law and his wife joined us later for the dessert.
Isa took the photo. She was ill after the meal, due to sitting near the fire doubled up sitting on a low stool. Luckily she has recovered now.
Despite that it was a lovely moment spent with my French family, I think 2020 has been a year where we’ve put our differences aside and built some good foundations for the future.
Isa unfortunately has to work on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning. So it’ll just be me and the kids. I’ve put my back out again, so I expect we’ll have a quiet few days. Having drank some strong beer during the meal (9%!), I don’t think my system liked that. 2020 has also seen me cut back on alcohol, drinking just very weak 2% French cidre doux for our Saturday night apĂ©ros.

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