Première sortie de 2021 en famille : Les Marais

Yesterday we went for a trip to the local Marais de l’Essonne. Isa and Emma walked there and me and Rémy went in Mega Breadvan.

Was lovely to be out and a second day of me doing a near 2km walk. My back was suffering a bit – but I really need to push myself through the pain barrier and keep with it.

This part of the Essonne river, just behind our village and seperated from it via the RER D suburban train line, is a conservation area. You have to keep to the path, but there are small observation huts to be able to view the river and wetlands.
There is also a small prairie with some Aberdeen Angus cows and on this occasion we also saw a wild baby deer walking across it.

We wore our masks most of the time. I can remember years ago when the area was fairly new, even at the weekend you only bumped into around 5 people. Not so today, especially with all the new housing in the village. So we popped the masks on whenever we came close to passing people or them passing us. Although only a couple of people were also wearing masks.

One family who passed us on the bridge in the photo were not wearing masks and obviously social distancing just wasn’t possible in such a tight spot. It is also compulsory to wear masks in the observation hut, which they headed into after us – again with no masks. I was surprised at how many (most) people were just not keeping a distance nor wearing masks – especially as the “British COVID” (which isn’t British) is now making headway in France.

Am I just panicking too much?

After our walk we all went back in Mega Breadvan… with the kids on a futon in the back. Bit of a no-no I suppose.
This trip tested my skills as a “non-driver” (I took driving lessons in the UK back in 1991 and none since then).  We went to the relatively new local boulangerie on the way home, something I’d never done. It has a small car park, which was empty when we arrived. Then filled up while Isa and the kids were buying a baguette, pain au chocolats and croissants. I had fun getting out of there – as having no rear window, I was a bit worried about getting out of a tight spot I’d parked in. Then at the next junction I needed to think about who had priority (“priorité à droit”).

We got home in one piece and I enjoyed my cup of tea and a pain au chocolat to warm up a bit…

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