Thanks Eurotunnel (I think)

This is obviously an old photo, considering the current travel situation. In fact it was the last time we took the Eurotunnel to the UK back in April 2014. In between, up until our last visit in April 2018, we’ve used DFDS from Dunkirk. Cheap at under 100€ return, but a near 2 hour crossing.

For our last visit, which got cancelled due to the first COVID lockdown closing the borders, we had booked to come over in April 2019 in February via Eurotunnel. We had a mad moment and decided on the quicker easier and far more expensive option… very expensive compared to the ferry at 275€ return!

So this last year we’ve been pushing the dates back, because those nice folk at Eurotunnel do not do refunds on that ticket. You need to be loaded and buy a VIP ticket to get that privalege. So us poor people, had to hope things would be OK as the epidemic advanced throughout 2019.

Due to my health situation I wasn’t about to make a trip, then have to go into quarantine upon arrival, so in effect we couldn’t come over whichever way you looked at the situation.

The ticket was set to expire next month – yet Euro Tunnel has never been in touch with us concerning the COVID situation. You’d think they would’ve said something – but no. So in the end I filled out a refund form, which didn’t seem to be for our grade of ticket… in fact I’m not even sure if the form was for a ticket that actually existed.
Mentioned that I’m listed as at risk (I take the French equivalent of Warfarin and have done so – in one form or another – since 2011) so I wouldn’t be able to travel. Could you pretty please refund our 275€ ?

A couple of weeks later, they replied saying that we wouldn’t get a refund. But would get a voucher for the total cost valable until the 1st February 2022. Although they said it may well be valid beyond that date (so bit of a gamble here), as there is a 9 month delay from issuing the voucher.
So perhaps we are good for the next 18 months….

Now wondering if we’ll ever use the voucher… I hope so…

Stay safe…

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