Some new car brochures

Through Le Bon Coin I have made contact with a nice chap called Guy, who amazingly is a retired English teacher living nearby in Egly.

He is a serious collector of car brochures, whereas I only have 50 in my own collection. Most I got when I was a child/teenager. So some pretty old stuff.

From Guy I initially bought a sales brochure for my Mega Multitruck. Then in a second batch a further Mega leaflet. One on the Skoda coupé to go with a late 70’s Skoda brochure I already have. There is also one about the early 2000’s Citroën Berlingo MPV model. My brother in law, Patrick, owns one.

Lastly a what might have been. Another sans permis car, the Mia. Which looked very promising had production not ended prematurely.

Very pleased with my purchases and thanks to Guy for arranging to drop them off to Isa near her office.

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