A trio of Michelins

Three of my models that have a common theme, all bought at different times. Turned out to be a busy day, so this is a quick photo today.

As it is Wednesday my son and daughter are at home, so prepared a home made chilli con carne for lunch. Adding grated carrot to it. Maxing out the veggies.

Have also decided to upgrade my site hosting, so I can move my WordPress blog and have more functionality. So spent some of the afternoon on that. Then someone who had bought a “Ring” door bell from me on the Bon Coin, contacted me to tell me they had received it. Unfortunately I had forgotten I had set up an online account for it, which it needs, to function.
Of course as it is in my name, I had to sign it over. Which turned out to be easier said than doneā€¦ took me over an hour. Hopefully the new owner can now set it up.

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