Happy 14th birthday Rémy

Unfortunately he has to go into college this morning, but he’ll be back at lunchtime. We were all up early to surprise him with some, cough “bike accessories”.
After weeks & weeks spent trying to order the bike he wanted, the shop finally accepted the order over the weekend.
Then OH got an email on Monday, before finally being called to collect it yesterday!
So at 7 am this morning, Rémy came outside to find his present… on the terrace.

He really deserves this, as despite the pandemic, he has worked really hard at college. It hasn’t been easy with disrupted days and having to work from home or via online classes. He is near the top of his class as a result and we are so proud of him.

He has also been cycling a lot with his old bike, which is too small now. He finally needs an adult sized bike.

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