Road Closed

Leaving the kids asleep in bed this morning, I went off to BIL’s place in Mega Breadvan. Had arranged to give him our old cycle trailer so he could convert it into a sort of garden trolley.

Then I forgot that a neighbour had put a notice in our letter box mentioning that they were arranging to close our street from 9.30am, as they were having the roof delivered for the house they are having built a couple of doors down.
In the end, it just involved me having to drive half onto the pavement to get around a couple of signs. Strange that they were right next to our driveway.

Decided to do a video of my trip for my Youtube channel, then realised I’d forgot to switch on my dashcam for the return trip. So no footage of the main road into the village, but I did film myself taking to camera on my phone.

What a numpty!

The photo is a screen grab from footage taken by my dashcam.

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