Last physio session

So the 15th and last session this morning. Another new exercise to do at home, to add to the others.
When I arrived the physio was having a heated discussion with an old woman, in the corridor. She came back into the waiting room. When he came out she badgered him about something to do with her carte vitale.
She wouldn’t let him explain. So while he got a word in, he signaled which room I needed to go in.

Bit of electronic treatment today, quite lot of strong massage as well. Followed by a wrestling hold on my knees.

Went to pay after and asked if I needed to continue. He thought it was possible I’d need to, but advised me to see our GP first.

I didn’t have my carte vitale, so paid up front, we’ll have to put in a claim ourselves (although the last time he did it for us).
In fact he was very nice. Saying I was on the right route and complimented me on my weight loss. So seems things are paying off. Told him that I’m better than I was 2 months ago.

Photo was taken near the car park behind the surgery. Typical street around this part of town.

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