Ca y est c’est faite… 2eme vaccin

So it’s in the bag. On our way back from our second jab over in Cerny about 10km from home.
The nurse, who was on roller skates, was lovely and took the time to have a chat. She explained that COVID causes blood clots and eventually a pulmonary embolism.
All of which I had just over 10 years ago.

So I was right to shy away from going to places where people congregate this last year or so… the risk for me was very real.

Anyway we’re going in the right direction. Let’s hope that next year we’ll be able to visit the UK after a 3 year gap.

In other news. The violent storms during the night have made our router go foom. So no telly, no landline and no gaming online for my son and daughter.

Trouble is, it depends on what we do next as to how long the wait will last…

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