The day after…

…the 2nd vaccine… I suppose I’m OK, just tired and the aches I have normally in my back are… err… more achey. No flu symptoms, although I took a second Doliprane (paracetamol) this morning. The other before going to bed.
However, OH hasn’t fared as well and was feeling like poo last night and this morning. I woke up at 6.30am and then she got out of bed around 7. Did me and daughter some breakfast and went straight back to be again. I’m surprised, as I’m usually the one that is ill the most. I guess we’ll just have to ride it out.

As we have no router, I had to cancel my English lesson with Anne this morning. I warned her Dad last night yesterday. Then messaged him this morning to cancel. He rang me back – was nice to speak English with someone who isn’t in my own family (he is Polish). We’ve decided to try a face to face lesson next Saturday, rather than the usual webcam one. Taking some precautions.

During the last few weeks I’ve been getting into Andy Fairweather Low, former singer of 60’s group Amen Corner. In the end I bought a 3 CD pack with a DVD of a show he did in Cardiff back in 2015, as well as two audio CD’s of the same concert.
I suppose the fact he deserved to be more famous than he actually is, drew me to him. That and the fact that I like late 60’s music and certain blues-type songs. Hadn’t realised that he was such a skilled guitarist, who has played with Eric Clapton, Roger Waters, Bill Wyman and Paul Carrack. As well as having worked with diverse artistes like The Who and Kate Bush.
Yet he is as “normal” as anyone else and had kept his feet very much on the ground. He is still doing concerts (when that is allowed these days) in his early 70’s. Which is amazing.
Anyway – give him a look up if you’ve not heard of him. Great sense of humour too.

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