The Fords and the Holylands

Not the best of photos, it is a low res one found online. In fact I found it totally out of the blue, when researching my Great Grandma Maud Holyland (Née Harnett-Ford). It shows the wedding of her sister Gladys May Ford… for some reason my Great Grandma is the only family member listed as a Harnett-Ford.

I’m supposing the photo was taken at Saint Michael All Angels Church on Melton Road in Leicester. It was where my Great Grandparents married in 1915.

So only guessing, but I think that Maud is second from the right. The facial resemblance to my Grandad Holyland is striking. Also think the little girl on the right is her daughter, my Grandad’s elder sister, Grace. Then I’m supposing the old bearded gent is Maud & Glady’s father, Josiah Ford. So my Great Great Grandfather. He was from Foleshill near Coventry. For some reason he moved to Wolverhampton where Maud was born. Not long after the family moved to Leicester. Maud met my Great Grandad Simeon Norman Holyland there, who was a local man.

So this is an extra special find, as I didn’t have a photo of Maud or of Josiah.

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