Mega Breadvan and my CPI Hussar 50cc scooter

Over the last couple of days I’ve hunted high and low for the keys to my CPI 50cc scooter, which has been stuck at the back of our garage since mid 2007.
Bought in December 2005, I decided to get it so I could travel to my French lessons 15km away in Corbeil. In the end I ended up doing that for about 6 months, 3 days a week. It wasn’t fun in Winter.
Yesterday I decided to try charging up its battery and it seems to be as dead as a dodo. So I’ll have to get a new one, which will cost around 50 euros.
After doing that I learnt that since 2011, 50cc scooters (which are classed as sans permis like Mega Breadvan) will need to pass a CT “Contrôle technique” or MOT.
Have been umming and arring on whether to put it up for sale now… but at least this morning I was able to find the keys, so I could bring it out into the daylight for this photo. It’s first in 14 years!

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