Doing our own things?

Now schools are back to normal hours again in France, Wednesdays are back as being the day when I’m alone with the kids. Normally Rémy has college on Wednesday mornings, while Emma has a day off school.
They are both off today. Rémy has gone into Mennecy with his friend Quentin. He took my bike without asking me first… They are having a “Grec” together for lunch. Will see him whenever…

So Emma is with me for lunch. Sausage sandwiches with HP sauce of course. German sausage from Aldi, as it is very like English sausage (which you can’t really get in France).

After lunch we messed about with Cameringo app on my phone. It seems to do weird things to my teeth.

Emma is off to her friend Agathes place around 2pm as it is her birthday. Her best friend Célia is going too, she tends to see the same friends. It’ll probably change when she starts college in September, when a few of her classmates will go their separate ways.

Where does the time go?

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