Is this the end of the high-speed cable mess?

Probably not…

The technicians from SFR came at about 8.40am this morning and quickly declared the the connector was OK. In fact it isn’t on the pole behind our house, but in a box situated on a metal telegraph pole on the other side of the lane behind our place.

Anne-Marie, my Dutch friend who lives in our village came round for a coffee, just after they arrived. I don’t see her often, but it is nice to have a chat in English when we get together. She lived in London before moving to France, so her English is as good as mine. She has a Brit sense of humour too. I needed a bit of support anyway.

They took about 90 mins if that, to put in our line. So as soon as the router showed it was connected, off they went. Leaving me to configure the two TV boxes… Yes TWO… not entirely sure why. Anyway the TV box(es) just don’t want to talk to the router. I’ve checked/changed the RJ45 cables. Even tried using a WiFi connection. But no… not working. Could be that there is a validation process? Would be odd, but it could explain it.

We now have a high speed connection… YAY… but short lived as it bombed a few times when Emma tried updating her Switch games console. Perhaps she overloaded it. Seems this was an update that usually took a day on our old connection. With interruptions, today it took 30 mins.

I hope the connection will settle down. We’ll be watching the France vs. Germany game via the Mini Mac in the sitting room, until the French TV box decides to work…

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