Second English lesson here at home…

After pratically 7 months of tuition via webcam, my only student Anne, came for a lesson at our place last week. Today was her second lesson face to face and she looks really happy to be here. That and the fact she’ll be able to play with my daughter afterwards.

Today went well, when we finished some exercises about asking questions. Next week we’ll do a bit of reading before attacking the future tense. We’ve already slogged through the preterit and the present perfect.

At the moment I’m not really open for giving lessons, since stopping them before the Christmas holidays. However I was teaching Anne anyway, so decided to continue as her parents Ewa & Adam have been our friends for around 20 years now.

Also look forward to our chats after the lesson, while the girls play. We tend to speak English rather than French as Adam seems more at ease doing that. Ewa’s French is better than mine and Adams for sure!

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