Bonne Fête des Pères

Father’s Day today, even here in France. In fact it is sort of Mother’s Day too as well. The pandemic has thrown celebrations out of the window, so we didn’t do Isa’s Day properly. So for today I bought her a new phone. She now has the same one as mine.
Apparently my present is a bit late, so I got this 2CV magazine and some new earphones.

Isa and the kids are off to a party with her family for lunch and most of the afternoon. I’ve decided not to go. Lots of people will be there, approaching 20 altogether. Just seems that I’ve never been keen on these big gatherings, more so as I get older. Lots of people speaking French and each time feeling I’m just not on the same wavelength. It really upsets me sometimes. Last week that feeling that I’m not integrating into French life along with other current worries made me break down. I’ve felt very low and wasn’t brilliant yesterday.

This morning I woke up with serious lower back pain. So I’m feeling glad to stay here. However, am determined to keep on with the diet and the back exercises.

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