New keyboard working, so time for Anne’s lesson

My BIL kindly gave me a really old Mac Mini… Old in computer speak as it is 10 years old (possibly a bit more). But it still works like new.

Up to now I’ve been using a USB cordless Windows keyboard. These last couple of lessons here in the “classroom” with Anne have made me realise that this just won’t be suitable.

So after searching online, I’ve found a Mac compatible Bluetooth keyboard, so bought that. Strangely, this worked on the newer Mac Mini but not on this older one. It seemed the Bluetooth was simply too old. Anne’s Dad, Adam, suggested I get a Bluetooth USB dongle. So I bought one of those too.
Finally the keyboard works and I can use the Mac shortcuts. Nothing worse than farting about with a computer when you are trying to teach someone. These lessons with Anne are invaluable for ironing out the problems.

Emma is already “en route” for Saint Brevin with her friend and her parents…

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