Mown… Almost…

So following on from yesterday, those pretty but annoying yellow flowers (whatever they were), have gorn off to meet their maker.

Our back garden is fairly small, but we have that big tree to get rid of, which takes up about a third of it. This space is also a bit overlooked, by surrounding buildings and from part of the bridle path the other side of the wall on the left. To the right of the big tree are two bedrooms. The windows closest to the camera are for our living room. This house is all back to front!

Have been to mow FIL’s garden and then started to do our front. Seems the engine on the mower isn’t driving the wheels as it should. So that’ll need investigating later. Lunch time now, so will need to go and wake Rémy. Since staying with his mate the last few days, it appears they’ve been staying up late. As a result he didn’t sleep last night. Bloody teenagers!

Have mown enough lawn so we can install the pool. Sounds grand, but it is just a 3m x 2m thing. Hopefully Rémy will help…

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