Learning to drive in a sans permis van | Aixam Mega Multitruck Van

Having bought my Mega Multitruck in June 2018, I had to learn to drive it. Up to that moment the only experience I had in France was riding a 50cc scooter (also “sans permis”) for about 18 months.
Back in the UK I had had 30 driving lessons back in 1991, in a Peugeot 205 GRD. In those days I was very nervous when it came to driving around my hometown. Not really helped by a very unforgiving driving instructor. In the end I had to take lessons every 2 weeks as I could no longer afford weekly ones. Was the beginning of the end really, I wasn’t anywhere near taking my test, so I stopped.
Fast forward to 2018 and I’ve basically had to learn to drive on my own, which sounds very irresponsible, but I like to think that I am a very careful driver due to my experience riding on two wheels, when I nearly had 2 or 3 accidents caused by other drivers cutting me up. In those days I used to ride the 15km to a nearby town for my French lessons 3 times a week.
I also use a driving simulator a lot at home, with a steering wheel and 3 pedals.
That said, the Mega Multitruck is very easy to drive, having a CVT automatic transmission. Normally limited to 45kph, mine for some reason can do 55.
For the moment I stay pretty close to our village. There isn’t a lot of traffic, aside from around the rush hours, so that helps with learning to drive.

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