Apprenti sans permis? | Aixam Mega Multitruck Van

Today I came across this photo of an Aixam 400 carrying an “A” sticker on the back.
[Photo : @LMangeot]. I would suppose the driver has absolutely no confidence in other road users – so is asking eveyone to give them a break. Unfortunately other drivers really don’t care and in France, there is a general hatred of “les sans permis” or “les pots de yaourt”. To learn to drive in France is so expensive and the wait for a test can be long. So there is a resentment of those of us “taking the easy way out” by driving a sans permis.

If, like me, you were born before 1988, the only thing you will need in France to take to the road would be your vehicle and up to date insurance cover. It is a different story if you came into this world after 1988. For everyone 14 years and over they will need to take a BSR course, which includes 7 hours on driving experience. As 50cc scooters are also classed as sans permis, this BSR can be taken in a sans permis car or on a scooter. The cars are in short, classed as 4 wheeled mopeds – so come under the same category. The BSR will get you a Permis AM. I suppose it is good that there is some reglementation, but is this enough? Even worse, people of my age can just get into a Mega Multitruck like mine, then drive it without any prior experience whatsoever.

Lots of teenagers these days drive sans permis cars, the technology has changed slighty from the days of Mamie & Papy. GPS, USB charging points and other gizmos have changed the market. But then again as a parent, would I really want my off-spring dicing with death on a 50cc scooter? Perhaps not… A sans permis car has shelter and 4 wheels. Admittedly there are no airbags or side impact bars. But then again, there is *nothing at all* around a scooter.

So if you see a sans permis chugging away on a route d√©partemental… Be kind…

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