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Perhaps some out there already know what my occupation was when I lived in the UK, before moving to France in 1997.
In another life I was employed by the Midland Fox bus company from 1990-95, as a lowly publicity assistant/marketing assistant (whichever role takes your fancy). 

A very grand title for a not very grand or well paid job. In short, I was a typesetter of timetables, bus windowbills, temporary destination boards, occasional adverts and all the in-house company administration forms. 
Part of my job also ended up dealing with irate customers on the phone, who usually had not been able to get through to the Travel line at the local bus station.
Otherwise things were purely admin, dealing with letters from bus enthusiasts, selling promo items and timetables and specifying/buying in promotional items from suppliers.
One of those I was involved in was getting a Corgi bus model produced. One of which can be seen in the photo far left. Have collected models from a young age, but since leaving the company I have built up a Midland Fox bus collection too.

Reminds me of my former life and part of my attempt to mark my time as a former employee.

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