Le boulon… A bolt on the front protection bar | Aixam Mega Multitruck Van

Have been very behind working on Mega Breadvan, with the amount of rain we’ve had here. It has sat there with the various coats of rust converter having been applied to the front subframe. Luckily the dampness hasn’t affected the treated surfaces.
The sound proofing either side of the engine has been removed. Then I discovered that a long bolt holding the front protection bar to the chassis was in the way. The photo shows the right front wheel and suspension leg, which rests on the wheel strut. When my BIL Patrick, fitted the front protection bar to the brackets holding the strut to the chassis, he fitted brand new long bolts. Neither of us realised this would be a problem when it came to fitting new sound proofing. The end of the left hand bolt goes over he head of one of the bolts holding the soundproofing panel to the chassis.

So now I’ve bought a small metal saw, so I can reduce the length of this long bolt to then be able to extract the bolt on the subframe. One of three that hold the soundproofing panel.

The two soundproofing panels have been ordered, a bit of a rigmarole as these are items that are not held in stock. Which means there is a waiting time as the supplier needs to make a special order for them… and they ain’t cheap.

But… they really needed replacing as the old ones were in a bit of a state. 

So the next job is to get onto those bolts before applying the undercoat to the rust treated parts. Meanwhile I am gradually videoing all this for my YouTube channel…

A never ending story…

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