Will Mega Breadvan fit?

Busy day yesterday and now my back is suffering… Applied the second undercoat on Mega Breadvan first thing. 
Then went over to see FIL, the first time I’ve seen him in 5 months. Sadly he wasn’t quite with me as I think he had been asleep. It was a shock to see how much he had changed and I didn’t really know what to say, aside from tell him that I was there to mow his garden.
So I got on with that, then did our front and back garden.
In between we had a bit of a panic as Rémy’s ID card was ready at the prefecture. But he needed to be there with an adult to get it. So Isa suggested he ride to a nearby village, so she could pick him up to do the whole thing during her lunch break. In the end he got some lunch at the village boulangerie, then spent the rest of the day at Isa’s office.
So I did lunch for me and Emma… Hamburgers with Tomme cheese. Then she helped me to remove some of the masking on Mega Breadvan.
She did some gardening while I went off to do all the strimmering around the place and down the driveway.
We then saw if we could fit Mega Breadvan into the garage. So we had to move bikes, a roof box and various other things to the back of the garage to make room. At least it’ll be safe in there, while I am away. The next job will be the two top coats of Hammerite.
After a shower and a rest, the last job of the day was to set the filtering machine going on our pool. I had bought some new filters for that last year luckily.
So plenty of things to get on with this weekend!

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