Aquacap during COVID

Today we went off down to Périgueux to go to Aquacap, basically a swimming pool leisure centre. I’ve not been to a pubic pool since last August, when I also went to Aquacap. Meanwhile both my kids have been going to pool back home in Mennecy since the school holidays began, my son going virtually everyday.

So equipped with the QR codes on our phones and French ID cards (British passport for me) – everything was scanned by the friendly girl at the entrance. We had to keep our masks on until after we got changed. As we went so close to lunchtime, there weren’t many people about – despite the car park outside being full.

Spent about 90 mins in the pool, where I was impressed with Rémy & Emma’s swimming skills (I was more than impressed), I went into the deeper pool with water jets. Got massaged by them and did some back exercises in the water.

Afterwards we headed off to Tréssillac nearby, which has a large road based shopping area. So lunch at a Japanese/Chinese buffet place. We had to wear masks at the buffet and were given plastic gloves to wear when serving ourselves. Otherwise it was a nice meal. I had some sushi followed by chow mein and porc au caramel.

Later on, we had to go and get a replacement key for FIL’s house, at the nearby Leclerc shopping centre. While we waited we went shopping. Bought a couple of magazines about trucks, buses and cars. Plus another mag which came with a scale model of a FFI (France Forces de l’Intérieur) Citroën Traction Avant – from WW2. At 2.99 euros how could I refuse? The kids got new school bags, sandles, slippers and flip flops (the latter for my son, as he loves them… I swear he is a bloody hippy).

There was a small “produits du monde” section, which had some British foods. So stocked up on gravy granules, OXO, HP Fruity sauce (can’t get that where we live, only the normal kind), Heinz soups and even found some Shredded Wheat cereal. Not had that since I was last in the UK back in April 2019.

Saw a really old 2CV in the car park outside, so took some photos of that. The owner came back and said a quick Bonjour. At least he didn’t get annoyed because I was taking photos of his car!

Overall a packed day. But an enjoyable one. Rémy has just taken the kayak from the garage at the side of the house, so he could go for a trip on the river out front.

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