First Brantôme market day of the holiday

Extremely busy and most people masked up. One or two not, which is strange because it is actually law at the moment for such events.

I felt enthusiastic about going for a walk around, that soon changed when I started to get a headache and then found getting around was a pain. So many people that you just had to get into any space available to go forwards. Couldn’t really see anything that I’d want – I had thought about getting a hat. But then changed my mind… all the stalls for them were run by Africans. Now, I am definately NOT racist, but the last time I bought something here from a stall just facing the house, run by an African guy, he ripped me off (must have seen me coming). Same bloke is running the stall today. Not keen on getting ripped off again – so I came back with nothing.
I also felt a bit dizzy walking back through the crowds back to the house. Due to the headache.

Isa and Emma are still shopping. Rémy came back with a new T-shirt, a 250g slab of Emmental cheese, a slab of nougat and a baguette. He likes his food… Hmm…

The photo is a view of the market from next to the Abbé, with the river Dronne in the foreground. FIL’s house is on the Quai around the corner to the right – but not on the photo.

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