At the cemetery, storm, drenched

We decided to walk up to Brantôme cemetery to pay our respects to Isa’s Maman, Clairette, who left us in 2018 and also her paternal Grandparents all of which are in the same tomb. The house we are staying in came into Isa’s family via her paternal Grandad, Jean and his family. So it has been theirs for generations.
While Isa was planting some new flowers, I went off to the tap to get some water. As I walked back with a jerry can the heavens opened. So we got drenched walking back to the house.

It is my second visit, so like last time I cleaned a stone under the tap and left it next to Clairette’s urn. We really miss her.

Today it became obligatory to wear masks in town, not just when there is a market.

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