Walk around the back of Brantôme

Today we pushed ourselves and went for a 3km walk, a lot of it up hill. There is a path that goes up and through the trees to then pass behind the cliff/forest which rises behind the Abbey just next to FIL’s house.

Behind is open fields and no real view of the town as the trees obscure the view.

But in the fields was this old baraque, possibly an old shelter for shepherds. It looks abandoned.

After the cool and very wet weather, today is the start of a heatwave. As I write this at 4pm it is 28C. Luckily the terrasse is in the shade. On our walk earlier it was probably about 26C. Even so was glad I took a hat.

The kids want to go accrobranching tomorrow, but we are waiting to reserve. For some reason today more and more people aren’t wearing masks.

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